Quick Start

Last update:2023-06-13 10:56:57

This article outlines the necessary steps to quickly start using CDNetworks Enterprise Access (ESA) services.

1. Onboarding

  • Activate service: Please contact CDNetworks sales representatives to activate Enterprise Secure Access service and create a Console account for you.
  • First setup: After the service is activated, our sales engineer will contact you to gather necessary information to assist you in preparing for access to the ESA platform. This includes: opening a dedicated enterprise space, installing connectors, integrating applications and user accounts, configuring security gateways, and more.
  • ESA management platform (Console): After the first setup, use the Console account sent to log in to ESA management platform for self-configuration.

2. Add connectors

  • To integrate your applications to ESA platform, an ESA connector need to be installed on your server. CDNetworks’ expert team will help you to install connectors remotely and ensure they are working properly.

  • Once the connectors are installed on your server, you need to add the connector under your enterprise ID and associate your applications to the connector. The self-configuration can be done on Console.

  • Configuration path: Application Deployment–Connector

3. Add applications to ESA platform

  • For the applications deployed on Cloud, IDC or intranet, please add via Custom Application page and select correct connector to bridge applications to ESA platform.
  • For SaaS applications, we recommend you to provide SaaS application name and address to CDNetworks customer service, we will integrate with vendor to import SaaS Application’s address and keep update timely.
  • Configuration path: Application Deployment–Application

4. Add users and IdP

  • ESA supports to import local accounts, connect with 3rd party ID providers via standard LDAP protocol, SAML protocol, OAuth2, etc. Please import users or IdP to add users to use ESA.
  • Configuration Path: Application Deployment–Application

5. Add permission group and authorize permission to user

  • Add a permission group and associate the applications to the group
  • Click Manage button on the Permission list, go to Permission Info page to authorize the access permission to user groups or users.
  • Configuration path: Dynamic Authorization–>Basic Permission

6. Customer access

With ESA, users can access to enterprise resources via an easy-to-use client or via browser.

  • ESA client: for better user experience, we recommend you to use ESA client for access. Sales engineers will send you the program for installation.
  • Browser access: if you prefer to use browser access, please configure web proxy under: System Settings->Virtual Portal–> add Web Proxy. After that, send the access URL to users.
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