API Authority Application

Last update:2022-04-21 15:41:14

API Authority by Account

On Console, there are two types of accounts: main account, which is customer’s admin account and sub account, which is created by main account.

Main account has API calling authority by default, but need to apply for each API authority on API Explorer or ask customer service for batch application. To better manage data and API authority, for sub accounts, API calling authority is disabled by default and only be controlled by main account via IAM.

Following content shows how to use API Explorer with different account types.

With main account:

  1. Go to API Explorer via: Console main page–>Develop Support–>API Explorer

  2. Search for the API you need, if you don’t have permission, press Apply for authority. Once applied, you will get approval in few minutes.

With sub accounts

If administrator allows sub accounts to self-apply for API authority, enable parameter: Programmatic Access-Self-service application on API Explorer for the account.

Enable the feature when create a new sub account

Go to Console–>IAM–> Identities–>Users–>Create User–> Set the parameter to On.

Enable the feature for an existing account

Go to Console–>IAM–>Identities–>Search for the account–>Modify Settings->Set the parameter to On.

After authorized, when sub accounts login to API Explorer, they will have same page like main accounts.

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