API Calling and Debugging

Last update:2022-04-21 15:41:19


  • API Explorer is using production environment, the API calling test will take effect to your account. Please be aware of this before testing, especially be careful with configuration change APIs.
  • Only when your account has API Accesskey and be enabled with API self-apply authority can you use the API Explorer.


  1. Go to API Explorer–> Navigation bar at top–> Select the product or service to get related API list. Or directly search for the API you need.
    [Feature Upgrade] Advanced Access Control

  2. Select the API you need, in the parameter field, fill in the necessary information and API access key according to guidance in API documentation or question mark (parameters with * means required). In the Demo Code field, you will see the parameters that are replaced with the values entered. Press Trigger button in bottom to trigger the calling test.

[Feature Upgrade] Advanced Access Control

  1. After trigger operation, you will get immediate response from CDNetworks API server.
  • If success, you will get correct result. Also, API Explorer provides detailed response header and request header for verification.
  • If failed, API Explorer will return error code and detailed error description for your quick debugging.

[Feature Upgrade] Advanced Access Control

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