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1. Preface

  • Welcome to CDNetworks products and services. you can use the CDNetworks APIs and examples described in each API document to manage product services. if you want to use API, you can self-configure on OpenAPI Explorer or contact CDNetworks technical support to open the CDNetworks API interface.
  • Ensure you have the right to use the API authentication key(API key or API access key) and fully understand the product description and API use method.

2.Getting Started

CDNetworks API is runnable based on HTTP(s) to create, view, modify and delete resources and add the request parameters according to the interface instructions.


  • CDNetworks API is a RESTful API to support JSON/XML formats and specifications to create APIs.
  • The default rate limit for CDNetworks API is a maximum of 300 API requests per 5 minutes.
  • CDNetworks API recommends API call rate for each account is 30 times/5 min for a single API interface. If you have special needs, you can contact technical support.
  • For tracking problem tracking and efficient communication, CDNetworks API creates an ID for each API request/action by adding an x-cnc-request-id field to the response header information to return the request ID to the customer

3. Authentication Method

All requests to CDNetworks API must be authenticated. Requests that write data require reporting access and require authentication Requests that read data require full access and also require authentication.
CDNetworks provide two authentication mechanisms: API-Key Authentication and AK/SK(Access Key/Secret Key) authentication. after checking the API-Key or AK/SK management on Console, you should check the authentication methods

  • AK (Access Key - it means “AccessKey ID” that is used to identify the user account
  • SK (Secret Key - it means “Access Key Secret”: The secret key of AccessKey ID)

Before using CDNetworks API, you should check & set up AK/SK and API-Key.

For the authentication methods, you should refer to the following pages.

3.1. API-Key & AK/SK Authentication Supported Products & Services

  • CDN Products, Cloud-Security Products, and Cloud DNS support both API-Key Authentication and AK/SK Authentication (Access Key/Secret Key Authentication).
Category Product Lists Reference link
Media Delivery Media Acceleration
Media Acceleration - Live Broadcast
Cloud Security Flood Shield
Application Shield
Bot Shield
Web Application Firewall
FloodShield (for Media Acceleration)
Web Performance Content Acceleration
Dynamic Web Acceleration
Download Acceleration
Storage Local Storage
Domain Service Cloud DNS
Enterprise Application E-Connect
Enterprise Secure Access
Application Service Content MGMT
Log Download
Certificate MGMT
Security Report
Security Overview
Cloud Monitor
Purge contents and monitor purge status
Log delivery service
Upload Certificates
HTTP based DNS service
Security Report for Cloud Security Products.

3.2. Object Storage

Before using CDNetworks Object Storage API, you should check & set up AK/SK management and check the Object Storage API Reference.

3.3. Cloud-Live and Cloud VoD.

Before using Cloud-Live & Cloud VoD API, you should refer to the following API references.


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