AccessKey Management

Last update:2023-12-26 15:11:31

  • Entrance

    Account Management → Basic Information → API Information Management → AccessKey Management

  • Introduction

    AccessKey ID and AccessKey Secret are the keys for you to access the APIs of the applicable products of the CDNetworks console.
    AccessKey is used to call the API programmatically, and the login password is used to log on to the console. you can use AccessKey to make an API request to manipulate resources. AccessKey includes AccessKeyId and AccessKeySecret.

    • AccessKey ID: Used to identify the user. (up to 5 per login account )
    • AccessKey Secret: The secret key of AccessKey ID
  • Prerequisite condition

    if your login account uses access key(s), the account should have the permission of that “Programmatic Access” that granted by your administrator


  • Create AccessKey

    you can enter into the path of the entrance of AccessKey Management


  • you can create an Accesskey by clicking [Create AccessKey] to authenticate your account by verifying your email address


  • After email verification, you can get a new access key.

  • Access Key Management

    There are three functions to manage AccessKey ID and AccessKey Secret

    • Enable Access Key : when you click [Disable], you can disable Access key to use application product(s)
    • Disable Access Key : when you click [Enable], you can enable Access key to use application product(s)
    • Show Access Key : you can get the Access Key Secret when you click [Show] & your email verification is successful (the verification time is refreshed every 20 minutes)


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