Tools Overview

Last update:2022-01-26 15:08:55

Freeware Tools provided by CDNetworks

Tool Description Documentation
WOS Browser A freeware Windows/Mac client for CDNetworks Object Storage. It provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store/retrieve/manage any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. WOS Browser
File Rsync Tool A stock data synchronization tool developed based on the API provided by CDNetworks Object Storage, which can synchronize local data to the CDNetworks Object Storage with the original directory structure. File Rsync Tool
Wcscmd A command line tool based on python2 and python3. Wcscmd

Freeware Tools provided by 3rd Party

Tool Description Documentation
CrossFTP A freeware client for Win, Mac, and Linux. It’s a FTP client software that can be used to upload and download files to remote server using FTP protocol. It works only by downloading the specified software. CrossFTP
S3 Browser A freeware Windows client provided by Amazon, allow to use CDNetworks Object Storage service through the S3 Browser free client interface. It works only by downloading the specified software. S3 Browser
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