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What is CrossFTP

CDNetworks Object Storage doesn’t support FTP protocol, CrossFTP is a freeware client for Win, Mac, and Linux provided by 3rd party. It allows you to upload and download files to Object Storage over S3 protocol.
What you need to do is download the specified software and configure according to the documentation guide. Before that, you need to create AccessKey/SecretKey and bucket for your Object Storage account.

  • You can check the offical website for software download and documentation guide.
  • You can also check below steps we list for you directly.

There free version and also paid version. The commercial version has more object storage supports.

CrossFTP comes with the following features:

  • Multi tab for multi site connections
  • Password encryption
  • Archive support
  • Batch transfer
  • File preview with zoom feature
  • Sound and even notifier

Steps to perform Object Storage using CrossFTP


Create AccessKey/SecretKey and bucket for your Object Storage account.

Download and install CrossFTP

Go to this download page and download the appropriate setup file from the list. Install the software as usual.
Please find the download link at CrossFTP Download

Create new Object Storage connection

Open CrossFTP and Navigate to File | Connect.

  1. Select S3 from the protocol list
  2. Give a label for the connection
  3. Copy paste your Access key and Secret key
  4. Specify local path and remote path (optional)

Click Apply and then Connect. In few moments you should see your buckets list on the main window as follow.

Start Upload or Download

Now, you can start upload or backup your local files to CDNetworks Object Storage bucket via CrossFTP. Simply drag and drop files or folders from the left panel to the right panel.

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