WOS Browser

Last update:2023-05-10 16:06:11

Brief Introduction

WOS Browser is a free Windows/Mac client for CDNetworks Object Storage. It offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, which allows users to store, retrieve and manage any amount of data from anywhere with the tool at any time.

Applicable API version

This is applicable for API-V1 and SDK-V1.


  1. Access the CDNetworks Object Storage service
  2. Create a bucket within the service
  3. Obtain the Endpoint, Region Name, AccessKey, and SecretKey required for accessing the service

Download The Tool




Execute wos-browser.exe



First, download the package and decompress it. Open the tool by clicking on “wos-browser”.

You may encounter a notice stating that the developer cannot be verified. If this happens, you will need to navigate to System Settings > Privacy & Security and grant permission to open wos-browser.


You need to fill at least four fields in the login credential.

  • Endpoint of your bucket
  • Region Name of your bucket
  • Access Key
  • Access Key Secret

To find the Endpoint and Region Name, you can simply access the console:

You can access your Access Key and Access Key Secret by going to Account Management > API Information Management > AccessKey Management. Alternatively, you may also obtain the pair of keys from our customer service.

Visit Your Object Storage

Access Your Bucket

Click on the bucket that you wish to access. This will take you inside the bucket, where you will see a list of your all your content.


  • Upload files or folders to the bucket (drag-and-drop upload is supported).
  • Move, rename, copy, remove, get the URL, download, and preview files.

(Note: Currently, the browser does not support video processing functions)

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