Common Settings

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1. Usage Scenario

This page configures the common settings like Enterprise ID, Client Virtual IP range, Specified DNS and Auto Disconnection Time when Idle for ESA Client. The configuration result will be applied to all user’s client under this Enterprise ID.

2. Operation Steps

Configuration path: System Settings–>Common Settings

1)Enterprise ID

At first setup, CDNetworks will collect basic information from customer, including Enterprise ID. By receiving the Enterprise ID, we will create isolated space and resources for customer with the Enterprise ID. Once configured, the Enterprise ID cannot be changed.

The Enterprise ID will also be used when users login to ESA platform:

2)Client Virtual IP

When users login to ESA, the platform will assign a virtual IP address for ESA client to connect to ESA network and data return. The client virtual IP segment should be different with the ESA connector’s IP segment to avoid confliction.

Default IP Range: this parameter configures the IP range assigned to ESA clients. The value can be, for examle:

Virtual IP Recycle: this parameter configures how should ESA platform act if the configured client virtual IP configured has been fully occupied.

  • Value=on: the system will reclaim the virtual IP address that has not login for the longest time and re-assign to a new user
  • Value=off: administrator will need to manually expand the IP range

3)Specified DNS

It configures which DNS servers will be used when users try to access to application’s domain.

4)Idle Disconnection

It configures the auto disconnection time if there is no activity on client.

For example:when switch is set to Enable and duration set to 60min, if user do not perform any operation on ESA client for 60 min, the login will be disconnected automatically.

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