Client Access

Last update:2023-08-09 11:42:04

1. Usage Scenario

ESA offers a powerful and easy to use client for users to quickly and securely access to enterprise applications. ESA client offers functionalities including:

  • One uniformed portal to all authorized resources
  • Check login devices and manage authorized device for this account
  • Check device security status
  • Manage user account info
  • Use advanced value added service:
    Secure workspace , EDR integrated capability and more in the future

To know the installation and user guide about ESA client, please go to: ESA User Guide


2. Operation Steps

1) Install ESA client

The website to download ESA client is underdeveloping, please contact CDNetworks customer service to get installation package.

Note that ESA client is kind of VPN service. In first installation on mobile device, the system will notify you that VPN service will be created on your device. Also, ESA collect neccessary personal information to provide service. Please refer to Privacy Terms for details.

2) Login to ESA client

Please get enterprise ID, username and password from your IT administrator for login.

If MFA is enabled on your account and request re-authentication when login, please refer to TOTP Authentication for step by step guidance.

3) Customize your ESA client

We offer the capabbility for enterprises to customize ESA client by need.

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