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Cloud DNS

Cloud DNS is the achievement of DNS technical development backed by CDNetworks platform in recent years. The product has precise DNS resolution paths and provides proprietary DNS resolution services for different search engine crawlers. Cloud DNS supports 24-hour automatic downtime detection and intelligent switchover between primary/backup origins, providing reliable, stable, and secure DNS solutions for our customers.

This Document will walk you through the following functionalities:

  • Create Zones

  • Validate and Publish zone data

  • Manage zones

  • Transfer zones

  • Delegate zones

  • Manage Domain Permission

  • Manage My Infra

  • Add CLB Domains

  • Manage CLB Domains

  • CLB Monitor

  • LDS

  • Reports

  • Documentation

By adding CLB service to Cloud DNS, cloud-based load balancing service will be enabled with information such as real-time probing of the server condition, end user’s location residing country, and end-user IP address.

This document also will guide you through the following functionalities:

  • My Infra

  • Zone – CLB Domain

  • LDS

  • CLB Domains

  • CLB Monitoring

  • Report - By CLB Domains

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