Customized Data Process

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Project Background

This function allow customers to deploy custom data processing services, that is, customers deploy their own data processing software on cloud hosts, and WCS forwards file processing requests to customer-defined data processing services. The service flow diagram is as follows


User’s Instructions

Service deployment

This Function deploy the custom data service on the cloud host (detailed deployment steps are subject to the instructions of the cloud host), and provide the service address.

Note: The service address receives two parameters: cmd&url, 
cmd is the customer's custom service name, 
url is the file download address.

Configure a custom data processing service:

  1. Log in to the console, enter the Custom Data Processing interface, and click the New Rule button

  2. New custom data processing services:

  • AppName: Fill in the name of the custom data processing service, which will be forwarded to the customer’s custom data processing service through cmd later.
  • Service Address: Fill in the external access address of the customer-defined data processing service.
  • Description: fill in the description information
  1. Access custom data processing services:

After CDNetworks Object Storage get the ufop request, it will actively forward the request to the customer-defined data processing service. The forwarding format is as follows:

post service_address?cmd=<AppName>&url=<file_url>  
Note: file_url uses URL-encoded encoding and must first be decoded using URLdecode

Parameter Description:

Parameter instruction Is it required
ufop Custom data processing service name Yes
file_url The download address of the file, which consists of the space-bound domain name/file name Yes

Return data description:

Note: The return data, error code is defined by the app.

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