Material Upload Callback

Last update:2023-10-20 15:39:06

Material Upload Callback


The callback will notify you upon completion of the upload and provide additional details. For specific callback settings, Callbacks.

Request Description

POST request

Request Parameters



The response is same as in getMaterialList.

Data Structure

Parameter Name Type Description
total string Total number of materials accordingly
materialList array List of materials
Structure of ‘materialList’ Array Elements
Parameter Name Type Description
id string Material ID
name string Material name
suffix string File extension
fileSize long File size (in bits)
url string File URL
createUser string User who created the material
createTime int Time of creation


Output Example

    "code": 200,
    "data": {
        "materialList": [
                "createTime": 1563429555,
                "createUser": "ovptest",
                "fileSize": 1794,
                "id": "03a9caea016c10009634a00200000000",
                "name": "test01",
                "suffix": "jpg",
                "url": ""
        "total": 1
    "message": "Operate successfully"

Error Codes

For general error codes, see Common Error Codes.

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