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Brief Introduction

Support to edit the video information, such as video name, publisher domain, category name, cover image, expiration period, player.


On video page, select one video, find more, click edit.
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1. Modify video name

on the Top video info, set video name. Video name only support Chinese characters, English letters, numbers and underline, the character length is 40 at most.
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2. Modify publisher domain

Selecting publisher domain means replacing the domain of the video URL. For example, http://domain A/video.flv, the domain A would change to domain B.
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3. Modify video introduction

Set and edit video short description for easy management.
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4. Modify video category name

Set and edit the category of the video, which is convenient for management.
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5. Modify cover image

To set and edit the cover of the selected video, you need to upload an image, which supports JPEG, JPG, and PNG images not larger than 2M.
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6. Modify the player

Choose default player or the player that customer set in the “Preference-Player” page.

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7. Modify the expiration period

On the basic information page, set the expiration period (never expire or up to). If the time is limited, you can set the expiration time, for example: 2018-05-14 00:30:00 expires, after the expiration, the platform will automatically delete the video file.

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