Get Video Info

Last update:2022-10-26 17:53:41

Brief Introduction

  1. Get video list: Display videos, retrieve and query video
  2. Get a video’s detailed information: basic info, transcoding info, player info.
    1. Basic info: videoId, video name, create time, video size, video duration, publisher domain,video short description, category, video cover, availability, creator.
    2. Transcoding info: status, watermark, video info(definition, bitrate, resolution, frame rate, format, size)
    3. Web player info


  1. When access the page of Videos, all the uploaded videos and the related information(transcoding status, video availability, creator, created date) are displayed.

    Video information:

    • Status: Not Transcoded, Processing, Transcoded (encrypted),Transcoded (unencrypted), Transcoding failed
    • Availability: All, Active, Inactive, Abnormal(original video abnormal, can’t play)
    • Publisher Domain: the Media Acceleration domain in the video URL.
    • Created Date
    • VideoID
    • Category Name
  2. Hover over the video Cover to check the video basic information such as videoId, Publisher domain, Web player, Size, Category name.

  3. Hover over the process status to check the transcoding details.

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