Convert MP4 to HLS

Last update:2022-06-15 15:47:14


Transmuxing, also referred to as repackaging or packetizing, is a process in which audio and video files are repackaged into different delivery formats without changing the files’ contents or coding.

Transmux from mp4 to HLS

Select the command video-hls-copy, which is equal to avthumb/m3u8/vcodec/copy/acodec/copy when you want to write it into the custom command gap.

(parameter copy, means maintains the encoding schemes of the original video.)

Transcode mp4 to HLS

If you want to do more on this mp4, for example, changing its coding, changing its resolution, setting the segtime, etc.

Type the custom command into the gap.


  • segtime
    Used to define the playback duration of each small segment of audio/video stream when the output destination format is m3u8, unit: Seconds, integer in the value range of 1–120.
  • s
    Specifies video resolution, the format is wxh or a predefined value.

More avthumb parameters please refer to Ops Parameter Format


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