Bind Service Domains

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Binding domain allows customer’s end users to download Object Storage object of specific bucket by using the binded domain.
If customer doesn’t need service domain, then it’s not required to bind domain. Object Storage provides endpoint domain (support S3) for customer’s end users to download object.

That is to say, binding domains is not a required operation for customer, it depends on customer acutal usage scenario. Below list several scenario to get the Object Storage service. CDNetworks usually provides CDN+Object Storage solution to customers, so in this scenario, we usually need customer to complete this operation.

Bind Domains Scenario Introduction

If customer require domain to bind with storage

  • Use CDNW CDN
    1. Bind CDNW CDN acceleration domain to bucket.
    2. Set the bucket as origin on CDN config.
  • User 3rd Party CDN
    1. Bind 3rd Party CDN domain to bucket.
    2. Set the bucket as origin on 3rd party CDN config.
  • Don’t use CDN
    1. Bind customer’s own domain to the bucket.
    2. Set CNAME to the bucket. (Object Storage provide two domains for customer to CNAME, one is endpoint domain, the other is assemblied origin domain. endpoint domain support S3, customer cn choose each of them.)

If cusotmer don’t require domain
User can download object by using the endpoint domain of the specific bucket. Customer can integrate the endpoint domain into your api or web portal.

How to bind domain on Console

1, Add a new domain

Go to Domain Management, click Bind Custom Domain Name
[New Feature] WAF Rule Template

2, Input a new domain

Choose domain type, http or https, then write the new domain into the field.

[New Feature] WAF Rule Template

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