VAS_Advanced Log Function

Last update:2022-03-30 15:11:13

1 VAS Intro

1.1 Brief Introduction

Logs usually contains visitors’ information, requested domain, request time, request method, content size, response status, response time, user agent header and so on.

Normally, a log is provided to customers in a default way while some might like to customize it. Advanced Log is featured with conditions below and it is more suitable for customers who need comprehensive analysis of end-user access logs:

  1. Provide customer other methods such as FTP uploading rather than HTTP.
  2. Log retention period > 14.
  3. More refined granularity of data packet: generated by hour or half an hour instead of by date
  4. Exclude the designated file type URL such as jpg URL by customer requirement;
  5. Log format can be customized (default_web or default_fms);
  6. Log naming can be customized (Default naming format for logs is: YYYY-MM-DD-hhmm-hhmm_PAD.Region.log.gz);
  7. Allow collecting the self-defined info in log packet header;
  8. Support real-time log.

1.2 Applicable Product Lines

  • Content Acceleration
  • Dynamic Web Acceleration
  • Media Acceleration
  • Media Acceleration Live Broadcast

1.3 Application Scenarios

This feature is applicable to the customer who uses the acceleration service, especially for the customers who need to check users logs or need a comprehensive analysis based on the logs.

2 Feature Detail

CDNetworks provides multifarious customized log services as below to meet all kinds of log analysis requirements.

  1. Customize the log retention period:
    Support customizing the log file retention time, such as “one month”.
  2. Customize log delivery frequency
    Support log delivery based on time granularity. For example, “provide file every half hour”. The granularity can be refined to 1 min.
  3. Customize the content of log
    Support adding “Cache Hit”, and “Response Time”;
    Support customizing log format, such as “edit the log format, and use ‘,’ to separate log fields.”
    Support log sampling at the sampling frequency of 1/10, 1/30, 1/5, 1/60;
    Support the specified URL log filter (blacklist and whitelist are both supported)
    Support merging logs by time range, so that customers can download the logs from selected time range;
  4. Customize log interface
    Provide the download interface of FTP log;
    Support pushing logs by FTP method, which requires customers to provide FTP address, account, and password.
    CDNetworks support log delivery in two ways:
  • Regular delivery: CDNetworks downloads the log and provide to customer in the requested frequency;
  • Real-time delivery: CDNetworks provides log download API for customer to obtain the real-time log, with the latency being as little as 1 min.

3 Notices

If the size of log file is large, for example as large as 2G, then the download speed will be affected. it is suggested to adjust the size of the log according to the actual situation.

4 Key Benefits

Customer is able to conduct a more detailed analysis based on CDNetworks’ advanced log, which facilitates market promotion and sales increase.

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