VAS_Low Bandwidth High Definition

Last update:2023-06-15 09:49:24

Transcoding enables the conversion of high-quality streams with high bitrates and resolutions into low-bitrate, low-resolution streams. However, directly reducing the bitrate from high to low can lead to decreased image quality and ultimately negatively affect the user’s viewing experience.

To solve this problem, CDNetworks has introduced the Low Bandwidth High Definition(LBHD) Transcoding. This feature automatically adjusts the optimal bitrate based on the video content and enhances the image using CDNetworks’ proprietary encoding technology. By fine-tuning the bitrate reduction without compromising the original image quality, LBHD transocoding significantly reduces bandwidth costs for video service providers while providing the optimal viewing experience for users.

How it works

By leveraging advanced technologies such as Scene Recognition, Lossless Bitrate Reduction, and Image Quality Rebuild, CDNetworks has been able to effectively decrease bitrate while maintaining or even enhancing image quality as appropriate.

Scene Recognition

During the transcoding process, LBHD conducts a detailed analysis of the video content prior to re-encoding. Based on the specific characteristics and scenes of the video stream, it optimizes encoding parameters to the greatest possible extent, achieving maximum bitrate reduction without compromising picture quality.

Lossless Bitrate Reduction

To enhance the visual experience for viewers, CDNetworks has optimized its encoders in the following ways:

  • Rational bitrate allocation: By utilizing adaptive quality optimization and bitrate control algorithms, the bitrate is reasonably allocated to enhance viewing quality.
  • Texture enhancement: To increase the texture details of the video, especially for elements that are sensitive to the human eye (such as logos, text, and time codes), processing such as sharpening, noise reduction, contrast enhancement, block artifact removal, and ringing artifact removal has been carried out, making the visual effects of the video clearer and richer.

Image Quality Rebuild

By repairing the damaged parts caused by camera shake, transcoding distortion, or other factors in the video stream, the customer viewing experience can be enhanced.

How to use

It should be noted that the LBHD stream has a different URL format from the regular stream. For example:
Regular stream:
LBHD stream:
And please note:

  • You can replace “lbhd” with any suffix format you need.
  • Before using it, please confirm whether you need to enable automatic maximum bitrate limitation. If not, you need to define the maximum bitrate limit for different resolution streams, such as a maximum bitrate not exceeding 3Mbps for 1080P and not exceeding 1.5Mbps for 720P.
  • Currently, you cannot enable LBHD transcoding on the console by yourself. Please contact our customer service to enable it for you.
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