Basic Information

Last update:2022-06-09 12:17:13

  • Entrance

    Account Management → Basic information

  • Introduction

    Basic Information offers account information of your login account in the “Basic Information”, you can check your account type, your email address, and other information.

    There are two account types in CDNetworks Console as follows.

  • Main Account (same as “Primary Account”) :

    • Main account has full control over all its own resources and could access all products and services that you have contracted with CDNetworks.

    • When you use the main account, you can create sub-accounts and grant the role of sub-accounts and permission to access the resource - (for example, CDN domains)

      [Maintenance] Maintenance for WAF service and Bot Shield

  • Sub Account :

    • A sub-account is a general user account that you can access the product and services that the main account grants.

      [Maintenance] Maintenance for WAF service and Bot Shield

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