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Overview of Main page

The CDNetworks console provides overall service reports and tools to access, control multiple ways to navigate to individual product & service consoles as follows.

  • For getting started with product & service, you choose a navigation bar to select product console as you want to manage service config and monitor service reports.
  • Under “Product Navigation”, you can find the information to recent visits, and your domains as you want to search, check the subscribed products that have contracted.
  • Under “Bandwidth Overview”, you can find the summary of your service traffic and top domains
  • Under “Documentation”, you can search the topic as you have questions.
  • Under “Account Management”, you can manage your account setting, your subaccount’s permission, and others.
  • If you have more technical support, you can find technical support information under Technical Support
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Navigation Bar

The function lets you access the product as you want to manage the configuration of your service and monitor service reports

For getting started using CDNetworks products & services, you hover the mouse at the click ‘navigation bar’ and expand product category that you see an overall product, your favorites, and search as you intend.

For more information, see the user guide of Navigation Bar

Product navigation

The function lets you can enter the product console through the product navigation as following controls.

  • Recent visit
    You can check recent visits information to make it easier for you to enter the product next time
  • Search products and services
    You can search the corresponding products and services by domain name or product name here
  • Subscribed Products
    You can see all your subscribed products here


The function lets you can find the topic by the console and also search the document you want directly through the search box
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Bandwidth overview

The function lets you can view the bandwidth trend of CDN products and the ranking of domain names by peak bandwidth.

If you want to view the bandwidth details, please go to the CDN product → Statistical analysis

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