Manage Zone

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Manage Zones

You can manage your zones through the customer portal.

  • Search

  • Import

  • Get a list of all the zones

  • Delete zones

  • Add/Delete/Edit Record

  • Reset Serial Number

  • Export

  • Show History


  • Log in to your account.

  • Click on Zones and then you will see the page below, which will display a list of all your current zones.

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  • Control Group List
    You can view the list of zones that are assigned to the selected Control Group.

  • Search
    Enter the keyword (by zone) or/and select the status, then click on the “Search” button.
    Reset: you can reset the keyword by clicking on the “Reset” icon.

  • Import
    You can import a DNS zone file in the standard format by clicking on the “Import” button.

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You can upload BIND file or you can Download Template and follow the instruction to complete the file.

1 . Select the way to import a file.

  • Batch Import Domain

    • If you select this way, only the new record will be added, and the original domain and record won’t be changed.
    • NOTE: If the record in the file uploaded already existed, then the original (existing record) will be preserved.
  • Override Import Domain

    • If you select this way, the original record will be deleted and overwritten with the new record in the file you upload.

2 . Click on “Select the File” icon and select the file to import.

  • Files in xls, xlsx and txt formats are supported, and the file size is limited to 2MB.

  • If the file format is in xls or xlsx, there should be only one domain and the number of domain records is limited t 500.

  • You can also upload BIND file and the name of the file must be the zone name with a suffix “txt”.

3 . Click on the “Next” Button.

  • The system will begin with the format validation.

  • If there is validation errors detected, “Some Failed” window wil prompt up in the screen, and you can check the detail or correct the

  • If it is successful, it will appear “valid success” in the screen,and you can import the file now.

  1. Click on the “Import” button.
  • In “Batch Import Domain” way:

    • If the DNS data of the file that you uploaded has already existed,
      it will show “Some failed” in the screen. Please check the file.

    • If the DNS data of the file that you uploaded is new, it will show
      Import success” in the screen.

  • In “Override Import Domain” way,

    • If there is no error, it will show “Import success” in the


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  • You can select all zones or some of your zones, and Click the “Export” button.

1 . Select the check boxes for the data you want to export.

  • However, if the zones have (a) CLB record(s), the CLB record will not show in the exported file.

2 . Click on the “Export” button.

  • Export File Extension: ZONE (zip file, txt format), excel

  • Export File name: or Domain.xls

3 . Save the file

  • When the export is completed, a window will pop up on the screen. You can open, save or cancel the file.

  • Get the list of all the zones

  • View a zone information

    a) The corresponding serial number

    b) The last modified date

    c) The last published data

  • View the status of a zone

A zone can be in any one of the following statuses:

  • New: The zone is created but has not been pushed to the staging zone
    or production server.

  • On Staging: The zone is in the testing phase and is not pushed to
    production yet.

  • Production: The zone is in production and can respond to DNS

  • Modified: The zone data has been modified, but the previous data is
    currently in production and will be used to respond to DNS queries.

  • Failed: the zone is created but failed to be Pushed to Staging
    Server or Production Server.

  • Pending: In the process of being pushed to Staging or Production.

Delete zones

  • Click on the “Delete” icon in the “Operate” column to delete a zone.

  • If the zone has been deleted, it is not possible to respond DNS

    You should make sure the NS records will be serviced by other DNS
    systems and there is enough time for the changes to be notified.
    (The time taken would be 72H)

  • Add/Delete/Edit Records

AquaNPlayer(MAC & Windows) 중요 업데이트 안내

To edit the zone, click on the zone name or the “Edit” button in the “Operate” column, and you will see the following screen:

  • You can add a new record for any of the record types by clicking on the “Add” button right next to the record type. Records can also be added in bulk by clicking on the button “Add Records” on the right top corner.

  • You can edit the existing record by clicking “Edit” icon at tㄷright of the corresponding row of the record.

  • You can delete an existing record by clicking “Edit” icon at the
    right of the corresponding row of the record.

  • When you add, edit or delete the information in this screen, “Push to Staging” button and “Push to Production” button will bㄷ activated. So, you can publish the new configuration.

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