Create/Delete Bucket

Last update:2022-01-25 13:20:15

A bucket is a cloud storage resource available in CDNetworks Object Storage. Buckets are similar to file folders, store objects, which consist of data and its descriptive metadata. An unlimited number of files can be placed in each bucket.

A bucket can also be bound with your own domain name so that you can subsequently use your own domain name to access resources in the bucket directly.

Create a Bucket

1, Create a new bucket

2, Fill info of this new bucket

The bucket name must conform to certain formats:
• A bucket name must consist of letters (in lowercase), numbers and the - (minus sign);
• It should not begin with a number or the - (minus sign), and should not end with the - (minus sign);
• The length of a bucket name should be 4-32 characters.

Delete a Bucket

Users can delete buckets if they don’t need it. This operation will delete all of the objects in this bucket, and the deleted objects are not recoverable.

Go to Basic Setting.

Click the “Delete Bucket” button. You need to verify the bucket name before deleting the bucket

Notes: Users cannot create a bucket in the same name with deleted bucket within 24 hours, so be careful in this operation!

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