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CDNetworks Object Storage (OS for short) API manages object storage resources (space, objects, etc.) through a network interface in RESTFul format. Customers can store objects in large quantities, high reliability, high performance, and low cost based on the API. The storage service of the company is integrated into its own system.

Resrictions When using Object Storage

There are some restrictions when using Object Storage, please refer to

Term Description

Term Description
Bucket Bucket is a virtual storage disk concept of Object Storage. It is the basic container of storage resources. Each space can store multiple files, and the space name is the only way to distinguish space.
Object A resource (object) is a data entity stored in OS, which is generally composed of MetaData, Data, and File Name (Key). It is identified by the unique Key inside the storage space.
Key The object key value is the unique identifier for the object stored in the bucket. Each object in the bucket has a one-to-one corresponding key value. The bucket name and object key value uniquely identify an object. When a user sends a request, the service terminal, bucket name, and object key values determine the object of action.
Multipart It allows users to upload a basic object in a number of multi-segment ways. Each segment is an adjacent part of the object data. The user can upload these segments independently in any order. If the transmission fails, the user can retransmit the segment without affecting the transmission of other segments. When all the uploaded segments have been completed, the system will organize these uploaded segments to create an object.
Region Region refers to the geographic location of storage space. Each storage space is assigned to a storage region, which can be viewed from the storage space overview of the console.
Endpoint The access domain name is the access address for the external service of OS. Different storage spaces have different access domain names, which can be checked from the storage space overview of the console.
AccessKey&SecretKey Object storage performs legality verification by carrying the signature (token) information in the request. The access key (AccessKey/SecretKey) is the only information used to verify the legality of the signature.
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