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HTTP Response Status Code

Last update:2022-01-07 15:41:54

InterfaceReturn codeReturn messageReturn code description
General200OKOperation successful

304Not ModifiedFile is up to date

401Authorization RequiredAuthorization required in request header

401AK/SK Not FoundAK/SK not found

401Token InvalidIncorrect request token

401ExpireTime Is NullExpireTime is empty

401Token Format InvalidIncorrect request token format

404Bucket Not FoundBucket does not exist

404File Not FoundResource not found

404bucketErrorPageResource not found

405Token RequiredToken required

406File Already ExistFile already exists

401The Persistent File Already ExistsThe persisted file already exists

406File Is Busy, Please Retry LaterFile in processing, please try again later

404Bucket Not Binding MirrorNo mirror source binding to bucket

401Bucket Access DeniedBucket access denied

500Internal Server ErrorServer internal error
Upload files401Token ExpiredRequest token expired

401Unsupported PutPolicy DecodingPutPolicy decoding exception

401PutPolicy InvalidIllegal putpolicy

401PutPolicy Is NullPutpolicy is Null

401Deadline Is EmptyDeadline empty

401Deadline InvalidDeadline invalid

401Scope Format Is InvalidIllegal scope format

401Scope Is EmptyScope empty

401Putpolicy Scope InvalidIllegal splicing format of bucket name and filename

401The BucketName In Scope Is EmptyBucket name empty

401File Name InvalidIllegal filename

401Param Invalid, ReturnUrl Can’t Exist With CallbackUrlIllegal parameter, returnUrl and callbackUrl cannot exist simultaneously

401CallbackUrl Invalid | ReturnUrl Invalid | PersistentNotifyUrl InvalidCallbackUrl | ReturnUrl | PersistentNotifyUrl must start with http:// or https://

401ReturnBody InvalidIncorrect ReturnBody

401CallbackBody InvalidIncorrect callbackBody

401Saveas String InvalidIllegal splicing format of bucket name and filename

400File Transmission FailFile transfer failure

401FileName InvalidIllegal filename

401Upload File Cannot be EmptyUpload file not specified

401PersistentOps InvalidIllegal persistentOps

401CallbackUrl Is Not Public Address | ReturnUrl Is Not Public Address | PersistentNotifyUrl Is Not Public AddressCallbackUrl | ReturnUrl | PersistentNotifyUrl not a public network address

401CallbackUrl Invalid | ReturnUrl InvalidIllegal CallbackUrl | ReturnUrl

401File Too LargeUpload file exceeds size limit

401Saveas String InvalidIllegal splicing format of bucket name and filename under custom operation

401Saveas String InvalidIllegal splicing format of bucket name and filename under custom operation after persistent processing

579Callback FailedFile upload successful, callback failed
Append Upload409ObjectNotAppendableAppend operation to a Normal object

403ObjectTypeNotSupportPut/copy/move operation to a appendable object

409PositionNotEqualToLengthPosition not equal to size of append object during append

413EntityTooLargeAppend content exceeds 2G

409MissingPositionMissing position when appending object

400InvalidLocalFileMissing local object when appending object

400InvalidObjectNameMissing server object when appending object
mkblk401Block Too LargeUpload block larger than system default
bput401nextChunkOffset is not correctIncorrect ctx message, starting offset position of current slice not found

401Block Cannot find by ctxIncorrect ctx message, corresponding block not found

401ctx can not be nullctx field can not be empty

412Cannot find upload block fileUpload block not found
mkfile400Make file FailFailed to generate server block file

401Check the block is complete upload.Verify completeness of a block uploaded

401save db errorRepeated file upload, failed to save data

412Check the blocks are all upload.A block is not uploaded, all blocks need to be uploaded
Image processing404Watermark Image Url InvalidInvalid watermark image Url

404WaterMark Image Not FoundWatermark image not found

401Bucket Open Image Protect Function,Unable To Get Original ImageOriginal image protection enabled, original image not accessible

401Non-standard Type Of OpIllegal operation type

401Image Process Param ErrorIncorrect Image operation parameters

579Get WaterMark Image FailWatermark image download failed
File transcoding400Tranfer Parameters ErrorIncorrect transcoding parameter

401Ops InvalidIllegal Ops

404Video Persistent Progress Info Not Foundvideo persistent processing progress not found

579Json callbackcallback service server response exception
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