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URL-Safe Base64 Encoding

Last update:2022-02-09 14:03:40

URL-Safe Base64 Encoding is suitable for scenarios where Base64 encoded results are transferred with the URL method. The basic process of this encoding method is first encoding content into a character string in Base64 format, then checking the resultant character string, substituting hyphens (-) for the plus signs (+) in the character string, and substituting the underscores (_) for the forward slashes (/).

  • Basic Base64 alphabet
    AquaNPlayer(Windows) 업데이트 안내

  • URL-optimized Base64 alphabet (Differences are marked in red and feature the complete same algorithmic processing procedure)
    AquaNPlayer(Windows) 업데이트 안내

  • Algorithmic processing procedure
    AquaNPlayer(Windows) 업데이트 안내

For the detailed encoding specifications, see the relevant descriptions in the RFC4648standard.

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