Basic Concepts

Last update:2022-01-07 15:35:38

These are some concepts and terms you must know when using CDNetworks Object Storage services.


In CDNetworks Object Storage, a bucket refers to the concept of a virtual storage disk. Multiple files can be placed in each bucket, and the bucket name is the only way of distinguishing buckets.


An object refers to the basic unit of storage resource in Object Storage services. Each object has a unique file name.


A resource corresponds to an object saved in Object Storage. Each resource has a unique path for accessing it. The access path comprises a domain name and a file name bound by the bucket. Its format is: http:///{key}

AccessKey & SectetKey

An AK and an SK combine together to become an API key for Object Storage services, which is used for customer identification and API authentication. Each customer can apply for multiple keys.

Upload Domain Name

Files are uploaded through an upload domain name.
NOTE: The upload domain name is an ordinary domain name. If your requirements are relatively sensitive to upload speeds, we recommend that you use CDNetworks CDN service.

Management Domain Name

File operations such as audio/video processing and file deletion are performed through the management domain name, which can be acquired in User Management Interface - Security Management - Domain Name Query.

Access Domain Name

The access domain name is the customer’s own domain name (such as a domain name accelerated by our CDN). The customer needs to bind the access domain name to the bucket before he or she can access files or run data queries through the domain name.

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