Generic Error Code

Last update:2022-01-07 14:31:31

Generic error code

Error code Description
200 Operation succeeded
300 Operation failed, please contac twith administrator
900 System exception
1000 Parameter is incorrect
1001 Token Error
1002 timeStamp,token,userId cannot be empty
1003 Incorrect userId
1004 Parameter error, please make sure all required items are filled
1006 Incorrect request method
1008 No permission to request VoD api
1010 Please enter correct timeStamp
1011 timestamp surpassed validity of 5 minutes, please enter again
1012 Parameter exceeds legitimate range
1013 Authentication parameter error, please check whether all required parameters have passed values
4001 Illegitimate format parameter
4002 X-WS-AccessKey parameter error, please check whether the key exists, whether there are fewer or more characters copied
4003 X-WS-Timestamp parameter error, the time format is second-level timestamp
4004 X-WS-Timestamp expires, and the time difference between the time when the server receives the request and the time of X-WS-Timestamp in request must not exceed five minutes
4005 host parameter error, please check
4006 The content-type parameter is wrong, please check
4007 Authentication failed, please check whether the parameters are correct
4008 Authentication failed, please check whether the signature calculation is wrong, or the signature does not match the actual content sent, it may also be caused by an error in the key AccessKey Secret
4009 The signature has been used, please regenerate the authentication parameters
4021 API authentication parameter error
4022 API authentication operation failed

Error code related to interface service

Error codeDescription
1005Please make sure the file to be uploaded is smaller than 1M
1100Player does not exist
1101Player already exists
1102Player name exceeds length range
1103Player name, including special characters
1104Player introduction exceeds length range
1105Player introduction, including special characters
1106logo transparency, valid range 0-100
1107logo file address, not available!
1108logo position settings, not valid value
1109Display logo, the valid value is 0 or 1.
1110playerId cannot be empty
1111playerId is too long
1112Player name cannot be empty
1113playerids cannot be empty
1114playerIds cannot contain comma
1115Players don't exist
1116playerIds contain special characters, only English comma, letters and numbers can be entered
1117Operation failed! Player being used by channel!
1118playerId contain special characters
1119Operation failed! Player being used by channel!
1120inUse field can only be 0 or 1
1121Player data was not found
1122setSpots cannot be empty
1123setSpots field can only be 0 or 1
1124If setSpots is 1, videoId cannot be empty
1125videoId contain special characters
1126You might not have administrator permission to add in-stream video
1127No in-stream video information
1128Failed to enable in-stream video 
1129This player has in-stream video
1130Failed to disable in-stream video information
1131In-stream video has been closed for the player
1132playerSkin can only be an integer within 1-4
1133Please make sure player logo image is in the format of JPG or PNG
1134Failed to save setting information of player logo
1135Successfully updated player setting information, but failed to upload player logo image to wcs
1200Channel name is too long
1201Channel does not exist
1203Operation failed! 
1204Save failed, no domain can be assigned!
1205Channel name, contains special characters
1206Channel pull-stream domain does not exist
1207Channel push-stream domain does not exist
1208Push-stream domain, cannot be empty!
1209Pull-stream domain, cannot be empty
1210Failed to delete
1211Channel amount, no more than 50
1212No related domain was found!
1213Incorrect code type
1214Incorrect settings of auto play
1215Setting of player size incorrect
1216Channel name already exists
1217Pull-stream Id of the channel does not exist
1218Incorrect push-stream protocol
1219Incorrect pull-stream protocol
1220Pull-stream bitrate is incorrect. 
1221Channel name cannot be empty
1222Channel type contains special characters
1223Channel type cannot be empty
1224Valid value of resetting pull-stream ID is either 0 or 1
1225No permission to edit channels of other customers
1226No permission, you can only edit the channels you created
1227Channel already enables live recording
1228Value-added service of channel recording has not enabled yet
1229Failed to enable live recording
1230Incorrect channel type
1231Channel in live, not available for editing
1232Channel recordind already ended
1233Failed to end live recording
1234In live, failed to enable recording
1235In live, failed to end recording
1236No channel data found
1237Channel banned, not available for editing
1238In live broadcasting, cannot enable timestamp anti-hotlinking
1239Channel banned, cannot enable timestamp anti leech
1240Value-added service of timestamp anti-hotlinking is not enabled
1241Validity period of timestamp anti-hotlinking cannot be empty
1242Validity period of timestamp anti-hotlinking can only be an integer that is larger than 0
1243Validity period of timestamp anti-hotlinking exceeds range limit
1244Failed to update the validity period of timestamp anti-hotlinking, it cannot be used, please try again later
1245Banned, failed to end recording!
1246Banned, failed to enable recording!
1247IP format of live streaming origin is incorrect or it is not a public net IP
1248Origin pull-stream protocol is incorrect
1249Origin pull-stream domain does not exist
1250Pull-stream channel of this origin does not exist
1251Valid value of resetting origin pull-stream ID is either 0 or 1
1252Pull-stream domain of this origin cannot be empty
1253Pull-stream protocol at source end cannot be empty
1254Pull-stream bitrate cannot be empty. 
1255Default pull-stream protocol(RTMP) does not exist in domain configurations, please manually configure pull-stream protocol
12562(HLS3(HDS4(HTTP-TS) cannot coexist in pull-stream protocol
1257The current interface is not suitable for pull-stream channels of the origin
1258Please use pull-stream type interface at source end
1259pullId does not exists or is not fit for this interface
1260Origin pull-stream url cannot be empty
1261Format of origin pull-stream url is incorrect
1262Pull-stream url of the origin is too long
1263Pull-stream domain at user's end has not been configured, please contact the administrator
1264Format of pull-stream url at source end must be consistent to the pull-stream protocol at source end
1265Pull-stream domain at user's end, cannot be empty
1266Pull-stream bitrate is incorrect on user side. 
1267Pull-stream protocol at source end does not support
1268Domains with enabled service, cannot be empty!
1269Special characters contained in domain, please enter again!
1270Ten domains at most when entering!
1271Authorization validity period, cannot be empty!
1272Please enter an non-negative integer for authorization validity period!
1273Authorization validity period, ranging from 0 to 36,000!
1274Incorrect domainString format, use English comma to separate domains!
1275Incorrect domain entered in domainString, please etner again!
1276No repeated domains allowed in domainString, please enter again!
1277The whiteboard function is not turned on!
1278The whiteboard id is illegal or has been associated!
1300User does not exist
1301User has no permission
1302userId cannot be empty
1303pullId cannot be empty
1304pullDomain cannot be empty
1305beginTime cannot be empty
1306endTime cannot be empty
1307seachTime cannot be empty
1308No matched data
1309Reset pullId field cannot be empty
1310pullIds cannot be empty
1311pullIds contains special characters
1312Only containing of comma for pullIds is not allowed
1313Some pullId does not exist! Or beyond your permission!
1314Failed to block playing of pullId
1315pullId has been blocked
1316Failed to delete pullId
1317pullId has been resumed or is in live
1318Failed to resume playing for pullId
1319Failed to get broadcasting status information
1320listOrder can only be either 0 or 1
1321listOrder cannot be empty
1322pageIndex can only be an integer that is bigger than 0
1323pageSize only allows an integer that is 1-50
1324pageIndes value too big
1325pushDomain cannot be empty
1326pullId incorrect
1327pullIds incorrct
1328pullId contains special characters
1329pushDomain incorrect
1330pushDomains incorrect
1331pageIndex cannot exceed range limit
1332Time format is yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm
1333Please enter correct time
1334Please follow the requirements and enter correct start time
1335Please follow the requirements and enter correct end time
1336Cropping time range for recorded file is illegitimate
1337Task with this pullId exists already, please do not enter it again
1338Live recording failed
1339The channel with this pullId has been blocked, please enter again
1340Failed to resume playing, the interval between banning and resuming action is too short, please try again later
1400Time format incorrect
1401Failed the get data
1403Incorrect start time format
1404Incorrect end time format
1405Start time cannot be larger than the current time
1406End time cannot be larger than the current time
1407Start time cannot be larger than the end time
1408serachTIme cannot be larger than the current time
1409Incorrect serachTime format
1410Thumbnal preview is aldready enabled, screenshot has been taken
1411bucket cannot be empty
1412httpClientResult returned null
1413Failed to call thumbnail preview interface
1414fileFullUrl is empty
1415Thumbnail preview function has already been disabled for this video
1416Failed to update the thumbnail preview disable function for the video
1417Failed to update thumbnail preview enable function for the video
1418Thumbnail preview function is not enabled
1419Screenshots being taken for this video
1500Video name, exceeds 100 characters
1501Video name, excceds 200 characters
1502Video does not exist!
1503videoId canot be empty
1504videoId contains special characters
1505You do not have the permission to deactivate the video. 
1506This video has already been deactivated. 
1507Failed to deactivate the video. 
1508Failed to deactivate the video. 
1509This video has already been enabled
1510Failed to enable video
1511Failed to enable video
1512Incorrect start time, please enter with format:YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss 
1513Incorrect end time, please enter with format:YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss 
1515videoStatus only allows filling in of 0 or 1
1516transcodeState only allows an integer ranging from 1 to 5
1517videoClassification can only contain Chinese, English, letters and comma
1518Entered video contain special characters
1519Make sure start time is smaller than end time
1520Incorrect time parameter entered
1521No video data found
1522You might not have permission to delete the video
1523Failed to delete the video
1524Failed to delete the video
1525You might not have permission to activate the video
1526Video description is too long
1527Entered domain contians special characters
1528flashAutoPlay only allows filling in of 0 or 1
1529flashImageRatio only allows filling in of 0 or 1
1530Failed to edit the video information
1531Domain not exist
1532codeType only allows an integer this is 0-4
1533Deactivate video, no permission to perform the action 
1534Video is inactive, you can do operation on it. 
1535No permission to get the publishing code
1536Failed to transcode this video, cannot get release code
1537The entered category doesnot eixst. 
1540videoIds cannot be empty
1541videoIds contains special characters
1542Containing of comma only in videoIds is not allowed
1543Name of watermark template is too long
1544Name of transcoding combination is too long
1545Some videoIds not exist! Or beyond your permission!
1546Watermark template does not exist
1547Template of transcoding combination does not exist
1548videoIds contains video being transcoded
1549There are inactive videos in videoIds. 
1550Default transcoding combination not exists
1551Video transcoding in progress
1552Parameter of fileList cannot be empty
1553Incorrect fileList parameter format
1554Incorrect notifyUrl parameter format
1555Incorrect separate parameter
1556Failed to pull the URL of video file
1557URLs to be pulled cannot exceed 50
1558Videos can not be spliced. 
1559Video cropping range illegitimate
1560Video being processed
1561Incorrect video frame rate parameter
1562Parameter of audio sampling frequency incorrect
1563Video bitrate parameter is incorrect. 
1564Audio bitrate parameter is incorrect. 
1565Incorrect resolution parameter
1566Video does not exist or is deleted, or beyond your permission
1567Video is not available for cropping
1568Incorrect video format
1569Video is forbidden to operate on
1570Incorrect integrated parameter
1571Album name cannot be empty
1572Album name cannot exceed 40 characters
1573Album name only supports Chinese, lower and upper case of letters, numbers and underline
1574Album name already exists, please enter again
1575videoIds cannot be empty
1576videoIds cannot contain special characters
1577Incorrect videoIds format, please use English comma to separate videos
1578videoIds cannot contain more than 50 items
1579videoIds contains incorrect video, please enter again
1580videoIds cannot contain repeated videos, please enter again
1581Some videos in videoIds not exist or are deleted, or are beyond your permission
1582videoIds should not contain non-transcoded videos or inactive videos. 
1583Encryption types for videos in videoIds must be the same, please enter again
1584Album category can only contain Chinese, English, letters and comma. 
1585albumId cannot be empty
1586albumId illegitmate
1587albumId not exist or is deleted, or beyond your permission
1588Album name filled with wrong values
1589The bitrate of video is lower than the lowest bitrate of transcode template, no transcoding is required.
1590Unable to transcode due to the failure to obtain the original video infomation.
1601TRANSNO cannot be empty
1602illegitimate TRANSNO
1603TRANSNO does not exist
1604md5 value cannot empty
1605File MD5 value is too long
1606Video name cannot be empty
1607Video source error
1608Value of overwrite policy can only be 0 or 1
1609Video size can only be non-negative integers
1610Video size exceeds limits
1611Value-added service of record directory management is not enabled
1612Directory type cannot be empty
1613Directory type cannot exceed 40 characters
1614Directory code only supports Chinese, upper and lower letters, numbers and underline
1615Directory type already exists, please retry
1616Level-one directory cannot be empty
1617Level-one directory only supports lower-case letters, numbers and strikethrough
1618Level-one directory cannot excced 64 characters
1619Level-two directory only supports lower-case letters, numbers and strikethrough
1620Level-two directory cannot exceed 64 characters
1621Level-three directory only supports lower-letter letters, numbers and strikethrough
1622Level-three directory cannot exceed 64 characters
1623Level-two directory is not filled, level-three directory cannot be filled
1624Level-one directory cannot have the same name with reservered characters
1625Level-one,level-two and level-three directories cannot start with cloudv or cloudv-
1626directoryId cannot be empty
1627illegitimate directoryId
1628directoryId does not exist or is deleted, or beyond your permission
1629directoryId is being used by a channel, cannot be deleted
1630TRANSNO already exists
1631Live recording task has been terminated or ended
1632Value-added service of Cloud Director is not enabled
1633Value-added service of source pull stream is not enabled
1634Value-added service of real-time recording is not enabled
1635Total file size has exceeded the limit!
1636There are video with no original file in the videoIDs
1637cache refresh failed
1638Cloud director operation failed
1639Cloud director instance does not exist or does not belong to the owner!
1640Exceed the upper limit of instance number
1641Exceed the upper limit of input origin number
1642Start time cannot be earlier than the first day of last month
1643The interval between start time and end time can not exceed 7 days
1644Subtitle does not exist!
1645Transcoding combination includes mp4 or f4v format which is not sopported by subtitles, please check
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