WAF Rule Template

Last update:2022-09-29 16:40:47

1 Feature Intro

1.1 Brief Introduction

WAF rule template is a feature that allows customers to configure the WAF rule more efficient. The configuration for WAF rules can be done at a specific rule template and customer can quickly deploy the WAF rule configuration by associating the template with WAF domain.

1.2 Applicable Product Lines

  • Application Shield
  • Web Application Firewall

2 Feature Detail

2.1 How it works

We seperate the WAF configuration from a specific WAF domain and provide Rule Template for customers to do the WAF configurations.

[New Feature] WAF Rule Template

One Rule Template can be associated and applied at one or multiple domains. Once domain A associate with a rule template, the WAF configurations of the rule template will be deployed at domain A.

[New Feature] WAF Rule Template

You can change the association between a domain and a rule template at any time.

2.2 Default Template

We provide the default template for our customers. The default template is designed for general business with low false positive and false negative rate.

2.3 Custom Template

Customers can create their own custom templates to meet business requirements.

3 Benefit

Convenient Management
By classifying domains and associating them with different templates, customers can manage the configuration of multiple domains in an intuitive and convenient way.

Efficient Operation
By modifying the configuration of a template, customers can change the configuration of all domains associated with the template.

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