VAS_Port Customization

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1 VAS Intro

1.1 Brief Introduction

Port customization allows customers to customize the request ports for end users and the feature meets various business requirements.

1.2 Applicable Product Lines

  • Media Acceleration
  • Media Acceleration Live Broadcast
  • Content Acceleration
  • Dynamic Web Acceleration

1.3 Application Scenarios

Some small ISPs or special networks may have restriction on certain ports. So this feature is applicable to the customers who need to access to small ISPs or special networks due to business needs.

CDNetworks Port Customization helps customers to bypass the port restriction, avoiding the access failure caused by the restriction.

2 Feature Detail

When customers request resources from CDNetworks’ PoPs, the request is sent through a random port. If the response port is not specified, the request will be sent to the default ports of the PoPs, and be responded. If response port is specified, the terminal will initiate a request to the port, and get the response from it.

For example:

One live broadcast user initiates a request to CDNetworks’ edge servers with RTMP protocol through the idle port 27591. When the request URL is: rtmp://www.wstest/live/wstest,

  • Without port customization, the request will be sent to CDN server with RTMP by default 1935 port, thus, there will be no response for this request due to port restriction.
  • With port customization of specifying port 27591, the request will be sent to CDN server with 27591 port, in this way, port restriction is lifted.

3 Notices

  1. It is not convenient to manage the special port, so it is recommended using the default port;
  2. The number of ports ranges from 1 to 65535. Ports 1 – 1024 has been stipulated as well-known port, so they cannot be edit for other usage. So, the ports with the number above 1024 can be used for port customization.
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