Product Brief

Last update:2022-08-12 09:58:40

CDNetworks’ Dynamic Web Acceleration is an integrated solution for static and dynamic content acceleration. In addition to caching and compressing static content, Dynamic Web Acceleration delivers advanced technologies for dynamic content acceleration, such as optimally tuned TCP links and connection pooling to enhance the delivery of both static and dynamic content.

The rapid growth of social media, eCommerce, and hyper-personalized websites, combined with workforce migrations from on-premise to remote locations forced on businesses by the global pandemic, have contributed to unprecedented amounts of real-time dynamic content traversing today’s networks. This deluge of data makes the acceleration of dynamic content increasingly vital. CDNetworks’ Dynamic Web Acceleration has been designed from the ground up to accelerate the delivery of your content to end-users, providing an unparalleled engaging and interactive user experience that increases business and drives customer loyalty.

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