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Restricted itemDescription
Bandwidth/QPS Upload/Download bandwidth: 5 Gbps
Upload/Download requests: 6,000 qps (360,000 requests/minute)

If the threshold is reached, the requests will be flow-controlled.

If your business needs to exceed the usage limit, please contact object storage product operations.
Storage space (Bucket)1. The space name only supports lowercase letters, numbers and underscores (-), starts with a lowercase letter, and has a length of 4-32 characters.
2. After the storage space is successfully created, its name, location, and storage type cannot be modified.
3. The capacity of a single storage space is not limited.
Object or file (Object)1. Upload files through Normal Upload(support HTML form upload) and Append upload. The size of a single file cannot exceed 2 GB.
2. Upload files through Multipart Upload, a single block cannot exceed 100M, and the size of a single file cannot exceed 500 GB.
3. If you upload a file with the same name, the existing file will be overwritten.
4. After the file is deleted, it cannot be restored.
5. The file name cannot exceed 500 characters
Domain name binding1. One domain name can only be bound to one storage space
2. One space can be bound to multiple domain names
Cross-region replication1. The maximum concurrency is 5, and the common resource pool is used by default, and queuing may occur.
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