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Feature Description Benefit
Dynamic scalability andgrowth You can start with just a few GB and scale as needed without the need to partition your data. Store all types of files, without being constrained by low disk space. It makes you pay less while focusing more on the business.
Easy Integration Web-based portal is available, in parallel, addressing your data on Object Storage via RESTful API makes automation possible, and makes integration easier in application layers using your data. It makes operation a breeze, while covering
Resilience and availability All objects are stored with multiple replication per region. Objects are automatically re-created from healthy replicas if data corruption is detected. It ensures maximum efficiency, security and availability of your applications and data.
Media Processing High concurrent capabilities make it possible to meet requirements in video processing with large amounts of UGC files. Object Storage integrates with rich media functions, e.g. transmuxing, transcoding, video processing, etc. It helps your business adapt to various terminal types and network situation.
Object expiration dates Objects can have an expiration date as an attribute. In such cases, the object will simply be deleted once that date has passed. It simplifies the object management and saves your cost in abandoned storage.
Static Website Hosting Object Storage is perfect for non-dynamic web hosting. Host static websites such as blogs, brochure sites, and small company sites entirely from Object Storage with a global CDN. It provides a highly convenient hosting solution, making your website work uninterruptedly.
CDN When you enable a bucket for CDN, your media files receive a web-ready URL that you can share with anyone. CDN accelerates the speed in which your content is delivered by caching files locally to your users. It eliminates any latency problems in accessing, making your content reach end users faster and safer.
Amazon S3 API Strong Amazon S3 compatibility to access data easily from any application, gateway or 3rd party solution, so you do not have to re-factor applications which currently use Amazon S3. It saves the human efforts and resources when you migrate from 3rd storage to our Object Storage.
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