How It Works

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How It Works

API Shield is the most effective and easiest to use product for proactively handling API-centric threats with a single solution. API Shield is deployed on CDNetworks’ globally distributed PoPs from where it detects suspicious and malicious API requests in real time, and then blocks the request or takes other proactive actions based on the observed risk and type of threat.

Using a cloud-based big data analytics platform and high-performance analysis cluster, API Shield can upload log files to big data analysis platforms where meaningful data can be extracted to pinpoint suspected and confirmed API attacks, and find trends and patterns to help guide your business decisions, investigations, and security. In this way, cybersecurity is taken into account constantly as a way to stay at least as good as the attackers, if not better.

API Shield can also monitor API activities in real time while allowing users to manage their API lifecycles. These features — and more — make API Shield the perfect solution for protecting your APIs from today’s modern threat landscape.

[Maintenance] Maintenance for WAF service and Bot Shield

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