Application Scenarios

최신 업데이트:2022-01-26 11:04:27

Application Scenario

Disaster Recovery on Remote Site
The cross-region replication function automatically synchronizes data to a designated region to realize disaster recovery of data in different places and keep data compliance requirements; it is suitable for scenarios where both primary and backup data are in the cloud.

Cloud Data Tiered storage
The tiered storage function help to assign data to various types of object storage scheme based on different customer data scenarios.
it can reduce storage costs and meet service requirements to backed up for a long time with infrequent access and commpress archived storage while meeting service requirements.

Multimedia File Processing
For vast amounts of multimedia file processing, enterprises can implement rich capabilities such as data storage, decoding, tailoring, and watermarking in the cloud.

Distributed Hotspot Resource for Content Acceleration
For the business scenarios of video, game and other hotspot resource distribution, CDNetworks Object Storage act as like the origin, and CDNetworks CDN provide distribution acceleration, which can achieve faster access to resources with improving user experience.

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