VAS-Exclusive IP Solution

Last update:2022-04-11 14:46:03

1 Feature Intro

1.1 Brief Introduction

Normally CDN vendors provide same IP address to serve multiple customers. Driven by the consideration of business brand or security, some customers need exclusive IP address without sharing with the others. CDNetworks offers exclusive IP solution to meet those customers’ need.

1.2 Applicable Product Lines

  • Content Acceleration
  • Dynamic Web Acceleration
  • Media Acceleration
  • Media Acceleration Live Broadcast

1.3 Applicable Scenarios

  • IP address of customers are scanned by security agencies to check whether user access is safe or not.
  • Users install special security software to check the rate of requested IP address, so some file of other customers will be considered as insecure.
  • Customers want exclusive IP address for their brand reputation.

2 Instructions

After receiving application, CDNetworks will separate a list of IP address and apply to customer’s acceleration area.

3 Key Benefits

To improve security level for customers in data sensitive industry, such as financial service institution etc.

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